Providence is reached from San Andres The flight lasts 22 minutes by air. Two companies provide air services:

The flight lasts 22 minutes and has a frequency of at least 3 round flights a day.

For the seaway, there is the service of the Sensation or Splendor catamarans that travel Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The trip from San Andrés, to sail to contraviento, has a duration of minimum 3 and a half hours. The return journey is shorter and faster; it lasts two and a half hours minimum.


It has 17 hotels and around 60 native inns. The hotels are small and have a cabin style architecture. Most have a view of the sea, a condition that provides tranquility and communion with nature. The services offered to the tourist are complete, some of them have their own restaurant, but all ensure the traveler's breakfast.

There are also native inns that are nothing other than the extension of the native's house to the service of the traveler. Staying in one of these facilities means sharing life with the raizal community. There are all type of prices and in all sectors of the island. This modality has become very popular and has contributed to improving the life quality of the islanders.

When you arrive at the El Embrujo airport or the Santa Isabel pier, the taxis on the islands complete their shifts. They are comfortable vans driven by locals who know very well the hotel facilities and the native inns.

In the interior of the island the transport possibilities are: Two buses that go around the island, motorcycle taxi drivers or also the traveler has the possibility of renting a motorcycle or a mule. In any case, the recommendation is to be careful, although there is a single route, it also involves people and animals.

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