Folkloric, Cultural and Sports Festival of Old Providence and Santa Catalina Islands

Somos festivales y tradición

It is the most important event in the municipality of Providence and Santa Catalina. It has been held for more than 40 years with the purpose of celebrating the adhesion of the raizales to Colombia, a fact that occurred on June 23, 1822. During the event a beauty contest is held, concerts with local, national and international artists, among other cultural and sporting events. Tourists take advantage of the festivities to experience the full context of the cultural atmosphere and happiness of the community.

 Providence Black Crab Festival

Somos festivales y tradición

The Providence Black Crab Festival, is an initiative of the crab community of Providence and Santa Catalina islands, whose objective is to make visible and revalue the Black Crab product endemic to the islands. In addition, the Festival highlights the cultural value, its unique character and its links the community, represented in customs, cultural expressions, above all, traditional cuisine.

The Black Crab Festival is a window for tourists and visitors to get to know in depth the local culture, its people and the interaction between the life of the raizal community and the Black Crab. Since 2014, the Festival has brought together crabeater families, tourists and interested organizations around the cultural value of this product.

Those who attend this important cultural event, will have the opportunity to enjoy contests, island cuisine, sale of products alluding to the image of the CNP and cultural and sports activities led by the community itself.

Chub Festival

Somos festivales y tradición

The chub is a fish that is consumed specifically by the community of Punta Rocosa sector and it is part of its gastronomic tradition and highly appreciated for its flavor and texture. To celebrate its consumption, the festival takes place on December 8th and it gathers all sectors of the islands to share the different dishes. During the celebration, cat boat races are held, and there are dancing and singing as well.

Seaflower Eco Cultural

Somos festivales y tradición

It is an environmental and cultural film festival where films about legends, cultures, specific events that show the connection of life in the archipelago with other places in the Caribbean, with other islands, which shows the deep relationship with the sea and nature. Workshops and talks are held around the films that show, while strengthening, the local and regional identity.

They also raise awareness about the need to conserve the environment. This activity is organized by Blue Lizzard Studio and The Light House.

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