From the Mayor's Office of Providencia and Santa Catalina, we have designed our official website of our Tourist Brand: Old Providence & Santa Catalina Islands.

We want it to be a space available for all, especially for travelers who wish to explore this privileged land in the Colombian Caribbean.

Share and discover with us your next destination to travel.


Tips for travelers

  • Around the island there are countless manzanillo trees that produce a small fruit very similar to the apple, but highly toxic. Please refrain from consuming it.
  • Take care of nature Do not throw garbage. Around the island you will find collection sites, use them.
  • Remember that on the islands you see with your hands and you touch with your eyes. Collection of shells or any natural material, whether in the forest or in the sea, is not allowed.
  • During the year there are closed seasons for different products such as black crab, snail shovel, lobster, among others. Please inform yourself and avoid consumption in those times. There are also protected areas and species that must be cared for and respected.
  • If renting a vehicle, drive carefully. Do not combine gasoline with alcohol and keep in mind that on our bypass road, in addition to vehicles, people and animals. There is no desire.
    Use the tour guides if you decide to go hiking. It is easy to get lost.
  • While the islands are quiet and safe, do not neglect your personal belongings. Take the strictly necessary to the beach and go to the owners to know the security measures.
  • Go to the tourism promoters present at the airport, the pier and tourism booths. They will provide you with all the information you need.
  • In case of any problem do not hesitate to go to the offices of civil, military or police authorities, all are willing to help.
  1. One hour before leaving on the catamaran, take the pill for seasickness.
  2. Do not eat anything heavy before the trip.
  3. Try to choose the positions of the center of the catamaran if you suffer a lot of dizziness.
  4. Arrives with time to boarding.
  1. Take advantage of the first hours of the day to see all the colors of our sea.
  2. Use sunscreen.
  3. Do not overdo the time of sun exposure.
  1. The best time to start this beautiful trail is at 6:00 a.m. or 7: oop.m. So you can have an amazing view with the best weather.
    Go accompanied by a tour guide. They will not only accompany you but also give you valuable information so that your trip really becomes an experience to learn more about our land.
  2. Bring good hydration.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and boots for the tour. You must learn to adapt to the path, because this way you will realize that your experience is to better understand the path.
  4. Do not throw garbage on the route.

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Our Culture & Folklore

We are a destination for culture. Our Raizal people express themselves in so many ways that you will take a part of us with you through our folklore.

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