The raizal people

It is a wonderful mixture of the inheritances of the Miskito indigenous people, of the black people of ancestral Africa and of the white people of the conquering Europe who stepped on their lands as puritans, pirates, corsairs and buccaneers. Thus, the mixing and struggle each conqueror experienced has reflected upon the islands, making them a most visit world destination.


Every aspect of our culture becomes a fundamental part of the experience you get in the islands. Music, gastronomy, handicrafts, dances, religion, fishing, agriculture, all manifestations of the raizal people are still reflection of their roots. In addition, the community maintains a close relationship with nature. It is still the boss in this territory. Water, whatever its origin and wind, whatever its origin, are two determining elements in the daily life of the islanders.


Providence and Santa Catalina islands are formed by different ecosystems such as mangrove forests, coral formations, seagrass beds and a small extension of tropical dry forest.

On Land

Because of its volcanic origin, they have the best natural resources, water. From its high peaks descend to the sea important currents of fresh water, for that reason in its forests there is a great variety of medicinal, aromatic and gastronomic herbs, besides a countless number of flowers, fruits, timber trees, among many other species. In those same mountains, birds are endemic, migratory; even in its surrounding cays, more precisely in the Three Brothers, one of the communities of frigates or man of war, as the islanders call them, from the western Caribbean meet. Also inside their fauna there are a good number of lizards, a species of frog, terrestrial turtle and two species of boa snake.

Black crab

The Municipal Council of Providence and Santa Catalina through Agreement 015 of 2000, article 47, declared the black crab the representative animal of the municipality and of social interest. Between the months of April and July, thousands of black crabs, Gecarcinus ruricola, descend from the mountains and cross the ring road to spawn in the sea and then return to higher areas. The descent of the black crab is a spectacle of the unique nature of the islands and an example of eco-friendly behavior on the part of the islanders, who observe a 4-month ban of both collection and consumption. Scores of visitor gather to experience this natural phenomenon.

At the Sea

The greatest wealth of the sea of the islands is the barrier reef that protects them. In it the fauna of the Caribbean Sea is presented in all its magnitude. One of the places to visit is Point Reaf or the lighthouse, the point where it begins or ends, depending on how you look at it, the coral reef.

The sea of seven colors houses an almost infinite number of colorful fish, rays, turtles, dolphins and sharks. That is why it has become the destination of diving lovers.

The marine vegetation around the cays is varied, and it has three species of seaweed and two species of seagrass.

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